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Estate / Tag Sales



 Who can use our Estate / Tag Sale services? 

REALTORS listing a home for sale, executors of an estate, people moving to a retirement home, nursing home, out of state, in with a relative, to smaller quarters, anyone who needs to sell most of their home's contents and clean out their home.


 What kinds of items do we sell? 

We can sell virtually anything including used furniture and furnishings, collectibles, bric-a-brac, clothing, costume and fine jewelry. Tools, appliances, garden equipment. You name it; if useable we will make every effort to sell it.  We will call-in an antique dealer or consignment store owner when there is newer upper end furniture and antiques to sell. Please note we are sales facilitator, not appraisers.


 When would you like Handyman Cleaning Services to stage the sale? 

We prefer to have the sale about 1 week before moving or placing your home for sale depending on the situation. For example you want to leave the furniture in place for the purpose of staging the home. We can schedule your sale to meet your timetable. 


 When should you contact Handyman Cleaning Services?

When you are thinking of listing the house, this way we can help you step by step. Some homes need to be cleaned out before they are listed with an agent. Sometimes the basement or attic or even the garage need to be cleaned or organized and we know what to save for a sale and what to dispose of. Don't throw anything away until you contact Handyman Cleaning Services.

 Is there a minimum amount of items to sell? 

There are no fixed minimum items to sell, however the amount of goods to be sold, the value of those items, and the amount of work involved determine whether there will be a fee for service.  After reviewing the items to sell we can determine if a service fee will apply.


What exactly does Handyman Cleaning Services do? 

For most Estate/Tag Sales, we start working at the location several days before the sale date, depending on the amount of work to be done. We bring in folding tables to display the small items to be sold. We unload cabinets, closets and drawers so that all items can be seen. After displaying the items to be sold, we price each item. Pricing is based on our knowledge of the market, a reference library, check like items on the internet, and a network of individuals with expertise in specific areas. We write and place all newspaper advertising, send out email announcements to our subscriber list, and when appropriate, distribute flyers.  When the sale is over, often times there will be items that will need to be donated to charity or, retained by the owner, or discarded at the Handyman Cleaning Services discretion.  We can provide a complete cleaning service after the sale including removal of unwanted items so that your home is clean and ready to be placed on the market for sale.  

Does Handyman Cleaning Services provide references?

You can read reviews by a few of our clients now, by clicking on the "Testimonials" link on the left side of this panel of our website. Please feel free to contact them for more information.