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Posted by handymancleaningservices on July 1, 2018 at 2:10 PM
If you know someone that is willing to remove and dispose of refrigerators, freezers, AC conditioning units, humidifiers and tube type TV???s and CRT???s for little or nothing it sounds too good to be true. Well it is! Disposal of these items require a licensed person to remove the dangerous substance from them for proper disposal at a nominal fee of $30-$50. Note that is illegal and against EPA Regulations for any one that has not obtained a Section 608 Universal License to handle and dispose of theses dangerous substances. The original owner of these products could be held liable and fined for improper disposal in the event of an incident or if an unlicensed person is being prosecuted that received the items from you. As mentioned above, throwing away an item with refrigerant in it is illegal. This is because these units use a cooling refrigerant, which can contain chemicals that are environmentally harmful. There are two common types of refrigerants found in AC conditioners ???refrigerators etc. today: R-22 refrigerants, which are commonly found in older units, and R-410A refrigerants, which are found in newer units. R-22 refrigerants contain ozone-depleting chemicals, which is why they have been reformulated in recent years to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency per EPA standards. However, because they still emit greenhouse gasses, R-410A refrigerants can still negatively impact the environment if they???re not properly disposed of when the time comes. For the safest disposal process possible, it???s important to properly dispose of these items. Regarding TV???s Its law in most States to recycle TV's, if you dump your TV into the TRASH or someone else does, you may well be prosecuted. Why do you have to recycle TV and TV equipment such as CRT's and so on? The answer is quite important; your old TV contains materials that are deadly to the ECO system. The phosphors that???s found inside can be harmful not only to the environment but also your health are lead oxide, neodymium oxide, cadmium sulfide, barium oxide, and strontium oxide. Some of the effects these chemicals have on the human body is breakdown of the nervous system, effects to blood, kidneys, lungs, liver, bone health, and could also give you flu-like symptoms and can lead to death. Most of these chemicals also are very harmful to aquatic life. Handyman Cleaning Services handles all waste in an environmentally friendly manner including re- purposing items by donating items to local charities. If you have any questions regarding recycling and what is considered hazardous waste call your local town office of Solid waste.

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