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Be Aware!

Posted by handymancleaningservices on July 1, 2018 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (1)
If you know someone that is willing to remove and dispose of refrigerators, freezers, AC conditioning units, humidifiers and tube type TV???s and CRT???s for little or nothing it sounds too good to be true. Well it is! Disposal of these items require a licensed person to remove the dangerous substance from them for proper disposal at a nominal fee of $30-$50. Note that is illegal and against EPA Regulations for any one that has not obtained a Section 608 Universal License to handle and dispose of theses dangerous substances. The original owner of these products could be held liable and fined for improper disposal in the event of an incident or if an unlicensed person is being prosecuted that received the items from you. As mentioned above, throwing away an item with refrigerant in it is illegal. This is because these units use a cooling refrigerant, which can contain chemicals that are environmentally harmful. There are two common types of refrigerants found in AC conditioners ???refrigerators etc. today: R-22 refrigerants, which are commonly found in older units, and R-410A refrigerants, which are found in newer units. R-22 refrigerants contain ozone-depleting chemicals, which is why they have been reformulated in recent years to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency per EPA standards. However, because they still emit greenhouse gasses, R-410A refrigerants can still negatively impact the environment if they???re not properly disposed of when the time comes. For the safest disposal process possible, it???s important to properly dispose of these items. Regarding TV???s Its law in most States to recycle TV's, if you dump your TV into the TRASH or someone else does, you may well be prosecuted. Why do you have to recycle TV and TV equipment such as CRT's and so on? The answer is quite important; your old TV contains materials that are deadly to the ECO system. The phosphors that???s found inside can be harmful not only to the environment but also your health are lead oxide, neodymium oxide, cadmium sulfide, barium oxide, and strontium oxide. Some of the effects these chemicals have on the human body is breakdown of the nervous system, effects to blood, kidneys, lungs, liver, bone health, and could also give you flu-like symptoms and can lead to death. Most of these chemicals also are very harmful to aquatic life. Handyman Cleaning Services handles all waste in an environmentally friendly manner including re- purposing items by donating items to local charities. If you have any questions regarding recycling and what is considered hazardous waste call your local town office of Solid waste.

Is lawn Care Necessary While your Home Is Listed For Sale?

Posted by handymancleaningservices on July 1, 2015 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (1)

While driving by homes listed for sale by owners and REALTORS we noticed some of them do not mow or have lawn services. Everyone knows that first impressions and lack of curb appeal drives buyers away from otherwise well maintained homes. It also gives the impression that the home is vacant and opens the door to vandalism and attracts thieves. Because the properties are not maintained they could be in violation of local ordinances as well. Another impression a buyer gets is the property is Bank Owned or a foreclosed property which may or may not be the case which hurts the value of the property.

In summary, we know that first impressions matter and the lawn can provide a wonderful or a poor introduction to the rest of your property. But the real question is: does a well-maintained lawn help sell a home? “Absolutely!” a resounding chorus of real estate experts would shout. When comparing two homes of equal value, the one with the better lawn will open up a buyer to considering the home. My experience as a Previous Real Estate Broker Owner for many years has taught me that there is a direct correlation to landscaping, curb appeal and perceived value.

News Flash! We can help! Handyman Cleaning Services offers lawn care services while the home is listed for sale. There are no seasonal contracts or charge for weekly mowing when it is not necessary during dry spells. Handyman Cleaning Services can tailor services to meet your needs.


Preparing an Estate House for Sale

Posted by handymancleaningservices on June 29, 2014 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Sort Belongings


This may be the most emotional aspect of cleaning out the house. Experts say it hastens the process if you sort belongings into three piles or tag them with:

• Items to keep

• Items to donate or sell

• Items to throw away

If family members squabble about distribution, set aside the disputed items until all the sorting is finished and emotions have settled. Then, try taking turns by each choosing an item or memento. Consider trading several items for a treasure you truly desire. Sentiment aside, get real valuables appraised to determine actual value.

Prepare the House for Showings

• Furniture. If the furniture is old or worn, get rid of it. Don't leave it in the house because it will detract from the sale.

• Wall hangings. Remove them.

• Floor covering. Consider its condition. If there is carpeting over wood floors, expose the wood   floors and, if necessary, refinish the floors. Replace cracked ceramic tiles.

• Window coverings. If the window coverings are dated, throw them out. Most windows look better without heavy drapes or worn blinds.

• If windows are dirty, clean them! Clean windows make the home brighter.

• Walls. Wash down walls or paint as needed.

• Ceilings. Dust and remove cobwebs. Clean light fixtures.

• Remove all pet-related items. Take the outdoor dog house with you and donate it to a shelter. Selling with signs of pets in the home is a turnoff for many buyers.

• Mop and polish hard surface flooring. Vacuum and shampoo carpets.

• Clean from top to bottom. Clean/ dust ceiling fan blades and wipe down the insides of cabinets.

Cleaning and removing old furniture, carpeting and other unwanted items is time intensive, but done correctly, it will bring more money when the home is placed on the market.



Think About This

Posted by handymancleaningservices on January 29, 2014 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Think About this:

A mother passes away.  Her daughter and son live out of state and are flying in to make final arrangements.  Final arrangements can be more extensive than just arranging for a funeral.  There may be a house to be sold and most likely is a house filled with years of father's and mother’s favorite things including furniture, to antiques to collectibles and just general possessions.  The process of finding out who gets what, running ads to sell things, hosting tag sales is daunting task to say the least. 

Handyman Cleaning Services can take this burden off of the family.  There are many options offered, however, most of our clients opt to have us go into the house, and prepare items to sell.  We sort through everything, pricing it according to what the market will bear and also what is agreed upon by the family.  When antiques are involved we contact professionals in that area for advice on how to handle disposal of those items. We are sales facilitators, not appraisers.  We broadly advertise the sale, informing not just the general public but also various antiques and collectors dealers of it.  We hold the sale and when it’s over, and often times, there will be items that will need to be donated to charity or otherwise removed. We can provide a complete cleaning service after the sale including removal of unwanted items so that your home is clean and ready to be placed on the market for sale.

Our services always bring a sigh of relief to the individuals needing clean out services we are here to help. 

Handyman Cleaning Services




Bagster, Dumpster or Truck?

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Bagster, Dumpster or Truck /Trailer

There has been a lot of discussion on social media lately regarding Bagster versus Dumpster or other trash removal services. There are pros and cons with each type of service. The type of service depends on what your needs are. Following is a summary of what to expect from each service including Handyman Cleaning Services.

Handyman Cleaning Services- Call us and we will visit your property and give you a free estimate for disposal of your unwanted items from a remodeling project or house cleaning project. We will look at the items you want removed and estimate how big of a container is required to hold the items to be removed. Our trailer holds seven cubic yards of material almost twice the amount of a Bagster and up to 4,000 pounds. Our fee for loading, transporting and disposal is $225.00 provided items are located in one place for pickup. We also offer basement, attic, shed and garage clean outs for an additional fee for our labor. Unlike Bagster, we pick up on the date and time previously arranged with customer therefore there is no unsightly container in your driveway or lawn for days or possibly weeks. Like Bagster pick up by trailer is designed for small projects. If a dumpster is required or less expensive we can make arrangements for dumpster service as well. We have access to 10, 15, 20 and 30 yard dumpsters at reasonable rates. We also can provide the labor to fill the dumpster. As a side note we generally load a dumpster with almost twice the amount of material as a homeowner does. Also did you know many communities are requiring a permit to place a dumpster on your property temporarily. Agawam requires a permit and charges a $30.00 permit fee.

As with Bagster and most other waste haulers including Handyman Cleaning Services there are items that are not allowed in the containers or require an additional fee. We will point those items out to you at the time we provide you with an estimate. We have many happy customers as noted by reviews on our website at: http://www.handymancleaningservices.net/apps/testimonials/


Bagster – You can purchase a bag from many different stores including Home Depot and Lowes for approximately $30.00. The bag holds 3 cubic yards of material with a maximum weight limit of 3,300 pounds. It is not likely you will fit 3,300 pounds of house hold items because of its size. The bag is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 2 ½ feet high. Because of the size many bulky items will not fit such as a large sofa. The placement of the bag is generally on your driveway or front lawn close to the curb. After filling the bag you need to arrange pickup on the Bagster website or an additional fee may be charged. There is a 3 day window for pick up. Pick up cost in the Greater Springfield Area is $179.00. The total cost for the bag, pick up and disposal is $209.00. Bagster is a good option if you have a very small amount of items to dispose of; however we have found that once you start a project the amount of items you select to dispose of grows.

For your information and review below is some feedback posted on the Bagster web site:

★★★★★ 1 out of 5 stars.


Good Product. Poor service!

I purchased two BAGSTERS. They seemed to fit the bill. When I called for a pickup I was given the three day window. It took a week and several phone calls to get them picked up. Waste Management uses a third party to pick up in my area (800 GOT JUNK). This company does not have a truck with the ability to pickup the bags. They empty them by hand into their truck.!! Not too efficient. Two BAGSTERS sitting in my driveway for a week was not a crowd pleaser in my neighborhood. I would go with a dumpster next time.


★★★★★ 2 out of 5 stars.


Poor service

They promised a pickup window of 3 days. Which is fine, I scheduled it 5 days in advance. You still missed it and couldn't even pick up the bag within your 3 day. It took 9 days from when I originally called and you cancelled 2 pick ups in your window.

★★★★★ 1 out of 5 stars.

Jay Bob

To small and too expensive!

I bought the Bagster after seeing the commericals and thinking this would be a great way to get rid of my moving trash (i.e. boxes, packing paper, etc.). After buying the first bag, it barely fit eight of my boxes, so I ended up having to buy two more bags just to get rid of enough trash to open my driveway up enough to park my cars in it again. The commercials and pictures show the bags as deceptively larger than they are and cost as much for some boxes and paper as they would to fill with industrial trash. I will not use this service again for the size bag and the money they charged.

★★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars.


Easy to Use, but Hard to Judge the Weight

We used the bag to demo our SMALL master bathroom. We were able to get nearly all of the materials in the bag- door, toilet, sink, vanity, tile, drywall, etc., but I did hold off on a few items because I was worried it would rip. I could see the nails and shower frame putting holes in the bag. My plan was to add the additional plywood once the driver arrived so I could make sure we weren't over the limit...unfortunately, we missed him by 15 mins (according to my neighbor) so now I have to pay extra to take the plywood to the dump. I wish there was a better way to judge the weight because I had no clue what 3,300 pounds liked look. We had such a variety of materials in the bag, that it didn't match the weight-guide on the bag's description. I was also unsure what would happen if they tried to lift the bag and it was too heavy...would it shattering into a million pieces on my driveway?

Dumpster Service – See Bagster Verse Dumpster http://www.hometowndumpsterrental.com/blog/bagster-vs-dumpster-buy-dumpster-bag-rent-small-dumpster